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Tanglin Halt – Where the Trains used to Pass by

Tanglin Halt. This was where the trains used to pass by, exchanging key tokens with the station master in order to receive the authority to enter the correct tracks. Express trains from Kuala Lumpur used to stop regularly at Tanglin … Continue reading

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When the Durians Fall at Pulau Ubin

It is the durian season now. Often described as a smelly fruit with heavenly taste, a durian’s aroma is so strong that the thorny fruit is banned in MRT trains and the airport. To most locals, however, it is the king of fruits. Many durian plantations … Continue reading

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Gongs, Long Hair and Chewing Gums

What do gongs, long hair and chewing gums have in common? They were all part of a list of items that were either permanently banned or disallowed in public for a period of time in Singapore. Some banned items contained … Continue reading

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