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Pasir Ris Red House… A Legend No More

One of the most famous “haunted” places in Singapore is now undergoing redevelopment. The private residence at 191 Jalan Loyang Besar was once a favourite haunt for thrill-seeking youngsters in their supernatural-hunting activities. Nicknamed the Pasir Ris Red House (or … Continue reading

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Paintings in the Sky – Unique HDB Murals

Have you ever passed by a HDB flat painted with murals? There are quite a few such blocks in Singapore; the most famous ones are probably the Hougang rainbow block and the Khatib flat with paintings of giant kites. Not … Continue reading

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20 Most Memorable SBC (Channel 8) Dramas of the 1980s

TV used to be a big part of our life. It still does, except that there are more choices in the programs nowadays and its influence is being affected by internet, smartphones and other entertainment devices. Like many others, SBC … Continue reading

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