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About RemSG:

RemSG is a non-political, non-profitable hobby started in October 2010, inspired by Royston Tan’s nostalgic film “Old Places”.

The purpose of this blog is to relive our memories of Singapore, and also to increase awareness to our fading heritage and vanishing landmarks in midst of Singapore’s rapid development.

Armed with a humble Panasonic Lumix FZ-18 for my “exploration” around Singapore, the blog is not much about detailed photography but rather capturing the memorable places and landmarks in Singapore that deserve a second look, as well as adding some summarised writeup about the histories of these places.

Although Singapore has a relatively short history as compared to others, it is still important to preserve our heritage, unique culture and identity, which I feel is diluting every minute. Without history and identity, a country or city is as good as soulless, even if it has outstanding economical stats or lavish appearance.


Contact Info:

For any enquiries, please email me at or post your comments directly on the articles. I’ll try to respond with appreciation.


Advertising Matters:

Wordpress is no longer free. They are now starting to charge subscription fees for no-advert blogs.

I’d prefer a clean informative blog, but if this cannot be avoided, then I rather accept customised advertising banners to be placed on RemSG than random advertisements displayed by Wordpress.

So if you are keen to put up the advertising of your businesses (must be Singapore- or heritage-related, eg backpacking hostels, vintage stuffs, old school furniture, local food delights, etc) on RemSG, you are welcome to contact me. Prices are negotiable.


Guest Articles:

Any guest articles (preferably at least 500 words and 3 photos) are welcome. The articles and photos shall be fully credited to their respective owners/contributors.


Administrative Stuffs:

I have received feedback from readers that they tend to receive many email notifications when others make comments in the same article. I agree it can be real irritating.

The solutions to this problem are:
- remember to uncheck the email notification function before your posting of comment
- put in an invalid email address

So feel free to comment… At the comment columns, you can also find interesting views, memories and experiences from other readers, as well as valuable old photos of Singapore.

Thanks! :)
27 September 2013

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